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Who We Are

At Our Core

The real estate industry is our biggest opportunity to do what we love, make a positive impact on communities, and connect with like-minded partners who want the same thing. To us, this is where vision, action, and passion come together.

What We Do

LAND ACQUISITION & development

Our ability to acquire, entitle, and develop land is the driving force to our business. Intentionally curating our land pipeline allows us to shape the future of the communities we create.


Ginn is focused on designing communities that are thoughtfully connected, resilient in the face of change, and contextually integrated. To get there, we put emphasis on pushing ourselves to listen, understand, and design for optimal growth and long-term livability.


Managing construction in-house means we maintain full control over the quality and execution of our projects from beginning to end.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Team Is Our Foundation


Fueled by compassion, our team is building something more. We are passionate about crafting quality homes that balance style and affordability, nurturing and uplifting communities, and creating spaces people love. It's a powerful mission, and we rely on our deep-rooted core values to help us get there.

We know we are better together; we practice teamwork and collaboration to accomplish our goals.

We take the time to understand the needs of our team and our community, treating everyone with kindness and respect along the way.

We consistently demonstrate honesty and integrity in our conversations and actions.

We consciously think long-term and intentionally plan to create a resilient real estate company.

We face challenges head-on and embrace change with eagerness and enthusiasm.

We celebrate our accomplishments as a team and always strive to remain humble in our pursuit of building something more.

Culture Is Key

4-day Work Week

Create a life-shaped schedule. Work hard and take the time you need to live fully, play, and recharge.

Monthly Happy Hours

A regular get-together ‘round the cooler, where colleagues become friends.

Rotating Beer On Tap

Sample the wealth of regional flavors while decompressing after a busy day.

On Site Gym & Sports Simulator

Whether it’s 30-minutes on the Peloton, virtual golf, or smashing zombies in dodgeball, we firmly believe in taking a break from our day to relax and refocus.

Join Ginn Group

This is not a check-in, check-out job to kill time. The team at Ginn Group is here to invest in ourselves, our communities, and create a shared future. This is a place where we engage our senses and our passions and build something more for everyone.

This cohesion leads us to higher productivity and engagement, and an overall sense of job satisfaction we can take home at the end of each day. That’s why we invest in our culture and offer perks such as flexible scheduling, an on-site gym, regular social events, and career development opportunities.

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